Why does America slam the door on the Little guy Inventor?

Jobs jobs jobs. Do you need a good paying one? Well your government is standing in the way of your future and mine. Right now, I am in possession of technical plans worth billions. BUT there is absolutely NO WAY to bring this information forward in a way that i can get paid for my work.

I have technology that can protect a house from burning even in a wildfire generating its own 70 mile per hour winds.

I can make nuclear fusion work, by two different means.

I can design and explain how computer can evolved into using TRUE TRINARY computer code instead of only Binary. Such an evolutionary change starts in the hardware, then enables the software to be reduced in size increasing processing speed and those are just the surface benefits.

What is the potential danger from the French scientific work on the Higgs boson?


Could it be that another sci fi technology may come true? And this time we might be able to actually build a weapon like the “Klingon” Disrupter weapon of Star Trek fame! What is the concept of a disrupter? It directs energy at a target, made of Matter, and causes it to come apart, or disintegrate. Supposedly a disrupter weapon causes the forces holding Matter together to fail.

The Higgs boson is said to give mass to otherwise mass-less tangles of energy. If a device could be made that generated a high enough frequency of energy, like gamma rays, the Higgs boson may simply change into something else, causing whatever it was a part of to fall apart….to disintegrate.

The recent discovery of “Neutrino Oscillations” gives credence to the concept. Neutrinos are born in nuclear and other high energy interactions. As they travel from that point, they change interactive physical properties, Apparently they go thru 3 phases while in flight, and will only interact with specific other particles while in the co-ordinated state. Is that confusing enough?

These 3 states rotate continuously, helping account for why Neutrinos are so very non interactive. They are passing thru you right now.


Klingons rule!